Indoor Paintball Fields

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Paintball FAQs

Frequently Asked Paintball Questions

Most paintball companies make there paintball fields cater to all players, so they can have any level of experience and still have a lot of fun. Paintball companies doing this makes it a great choice for a company party too increase moral, and make people work better together in the workplace. For the simple fact that all the players will need to use many different skills to try too win a paintball match.  Some of the skills each of the paintball players will use are communication, camaraderie, strategy, and problem-solving skills, all of which can often carry over to the workplace.

Yes, Because all paintball companies have different rules regarding walk ons, so it’s always recommended to make a reservation first or at least call to see if they allow walk-ons. Also a lot of paintball centers offer discounts when a reservation is made, though some will require a specific amount of people to be included in the reservation to obtain the discount.

This really depends on the type of game your playing an the location that the paintball hits you.

We recommend playing in old clothes that is thick to help cut down on the impact of the paintball. It can help make the paintball not hurt as much if you get hit in the legs or arms.

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